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Kent M Keith For a number of years, Dr. Keith has been conducting original research to learn more about what gives people the most meaning in life. The results of his research have guided his speaking and writing. He typically shares his research results with his audiences and seminar participants.

Dr. Keith has surveyed over 3,000 community and business leaders, Army officers, Rotarians, YMCA staff members, and a large number of undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Hawaii's College of Business Administration, where he was a guest lecturer. All of the surveys to date have been samples of convenience, not random samples.

The survey instrument designed by Dr. Keith asks the respondents to provide individual ratings for a list of approximately 30 potential sources of personal meaning. Respondents are also asked several qualitative questions about the meaning in their lives. More recently, Dr. Keith has begun surveying organizational leaders on sources of personal meaning at work.

"Finding personal meaning is a key to being deeply happy," says Keith. "And finding meaning at work is critical to being productive, mentally healthy, dedicated, and able to sustain effort over long periods of time. It is important to us as individuals and as leaders to know where we and others find the most meaning. Once we know that, we will be on our way to doing our best and being our best, both at home and at work."

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